Thursday, 19 July 2012

What is the difference between a Blusher and a Panther Cap?

Panther Cap or Blusher?
This is quiet a young specimen, to me it looks like a blusher or panther cap, but how do you tell the difference? What is the differential diagnosis? It is definately a Amanita but which one. A friend of mine said that that this is a Panther Cap (poisonous). However, I'm not so sure - the stipe (stem) at the bottom is more typical of the Blusher (white with flushes of the cap colour) but maybe more needs to be revealed lower down. Apparently the bruising can help identification...

From wikipedia "The flesh of the mushroom is white, becoming pink when bruised or exposed to air...", "This is a key feature in differentiating it from the poisonous False Blusher or Panther cap..."

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