Saturday, 21 July 2012

General rules in edible mushroom identification

Not many!

In general:

  • Red = bad. There are many exceptions to this rule for instance some Russulas (a very common mushroom) are fine. Big no, no is the Fly Agaric, however some people eat small amounts for hallucinogenic purposes.  
  • Blanche white = very bad. Specifically, Destroying Angel. But field mushrooms and inky caps can be similar.
  • Brackets = inedible. These are the mushrooms that grow in trees like shelves. If you have ever touched one, it is almost part of the tree, better off eating a pencil. One notable exception to this is  "Chicken of the Woods" - Sulphur Tuft, which is bright yellow and apparently is pretty tasty.
  • Blue = good to chew? Blewits are pretty common and can be identified due to their bluish hue.

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